Other Learning Opportunities

Here is a list of fantabulous humans and a little about what they do and how we know them. If they are listed here, they are someone I believe is doing awesome things in the world and has a wealth of knowledge to share. You will have a one-of-a-kind type of learning and growth experience by taking one or more classes with any of them! May your path be one of challenge and beauty.


Femme Trek

Sharon reached out in 2021 looking to collaborate on women’s programs. She left a high-paying corporate job to follow her heart into the wild places and founded Femme Trek to get other women out playing in the beautiful backdrop of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park. An avid hiker and backpacker, she takes the stress out of hiking by creating personalized experiences for her clients.


Sacred Cedars Wilderness School

Karie Lee is one of the funniest, sweetest, most hard core people I know. She is zany, positive and incredibly knowledgeable on a variety of ancestral living topics as you may have seen during her incredible run on ALONE season 9. She’s spent most of her life living remotely and has a wealth of information to share with all demographics as the owner and head instructor at Sacred Cedars Wilderness School.


Callie Russell

I’ve known Callie for years and our mutual experiences on the hit show “ALONE” has deepened that friendship. She’s a sister from another mister at this point! Incredibly supportive, open, and skilled in both her ancestral skills and teaching ability, doing just about ANYTHING with Callie will be time you’ll treasure moving forward. A gypsy at heart and about as down to earth as a person can be, from goats, to rivers, to road-kill, time with Callie is time learning and seeing new possibilities in the meaning of making a living.

content www.hollowtop.com

Thomas J. Elpel

Writer, explorer, botanist, teacher, conservationist, it’s a shorter list to name what Thomas is NOT known for in the outdoor community rather than what he is for sure! I know Thomas from WinterCount (an awesome ancestral skills gathering BTW), and from teaching a Wilderness Survival Skills course at our local Red Rocks Community College, where his books are commonly used for their courses! Thomas is personable and also has a brand named after owls: Outdoor Wilderness Living School. So you know he’s gotta be awesome!

content www.coyleoutside.com

Dan Coyle/Coyle Outside

I reached out to Dan when I was just getting back into teaching survival skills for a living and I needed a solid job to stay afloat until business picked up. We were introduced by a mutual friend Jason Drevenak who knew and had worked with Dan before. Dan primarily runs awesome themed kids summer programs around the country like wilderness skills, parkour, fishing and more. He and I have also run a few adult survival programs up in Oregon. He’s always expanding and adding to his offerings so be sure to check out his calendar to see what he’s got cooking! If you need a fun summer job he can always use good peeps to come on board. His staff trainings are really well done and informative as well!

content www.buckskinrevolution.com

Woniya Thibeault

Another “ALONE” BA woman, Woniya was the runner up in Season 6. Sweet, savvy, determined, she instructs folks on a wide variety of ancestral skills such as fiber arts, wild foods, living without refrigeration, food preservation, humane animal harvest and processing, basketry, hide tanning, buckskin sewing, and so much more.


Queer Nature

I cannot say enough positive about So and Pinar, the beautiful humans that are the founders and lead instructors for Queer Nature. Fun, sweet, supportive, aware, strong, capable, curious. We’ve known each other for years, have taken each other's classes, and beginning in 2022 have co-taught a class together. Their mission in their words: "Our program envisions and implements ecological awareness and place-based skills as vital and often overlooked parts of resiliency-building and echantment-tending for populations who have been marginalized and even represented as 'unnatural.' Our curriculums strive to go beyond recreation in nature to deep, slow, and thoughtful engagement with the natural world to build inter-species alliances and an enduring sense of belonging for all."

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