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Private Courses

If you would like acourse designed for your particular group, at a time and date of your choosing, then this is the page for you!


Where are private classes held?

A place of your choosing. Some shorter classes or ones that do not include hiking can be located in your home or yard. Other courses (overnights and ones that involve hiking/backpacking/expeditions) may require higher pricing for permits where required or that landowners be temporarily added to our insurance. You may also choose to come to one of our course areas.

When are private classes available?

Contact us for open dates. Weekends book fast and are generally when we run open signup courses, so weekdays tend to have more openings. If you’d like to book a course on a particular weekend or a long course that will run for 4 days or more, reaching out at least 6 months in advance is recommended.

What content do you teach at a private course?

These courses can be based on one of our open signup courses or specialized to your group's particular interests and circumstances. The courses always have an educational component to some degree. The focus may lean toward more of a military boot-camp feel and evasion/tactical concepts, or backpacking and wilderness safety. Private courses can also go another direction and focus more on connecting on a more spiritual and emotional level and feeling confident while playing and enjoying a wilderness setting. We can have more of a team building theme, or bachelorette party feel. Though our school is geared towards adults, occasionally we will work with children (generally 10 years old and up), and have survival themed games and activities to get them engaged, learning and playing outdoors.

How much do private courses cost?

Our base price for private courses ranges between $165 and $350 per person per day plus any instructor travel costs and materials fees. The cost variance is dependent on the location, intensity, the number of students (generally as the number goes up price goes down), required permits, length of the class/course (longer courses somewhat cheaper/more bang for the buck), and so on. We require at least 5 participants for a private course or the financial equivalent (minimum cost for one-day private course is $750 for the day assuming no instructor travel costs). For strictly lecture-style classes, the cost is $250 per hour for up to 100 people, plus a $50 additional fee for each hour of travel time and travel costs.

I'm interested in booking a class. How do I go about it?

Contact us with a general idea of the following:

  • Approximate number of people to teach
  • Desired focus/goal (What’s the fun versus education balance? Is this more of a social event/gathering for enjoyment and bonding, or more of a serious training event?)
  • Preferred location (are you coming out to one of our training areas, are we coming to you, or are we meeting at a different location)
  • Desired length of the class/course
  • Your budget
  • Once we agree upon a date and estimated price based on the information above, we send you a registration/payment link which reserves your class date when paid.

    After locking in the dates, we send you a list of potential topics to choose from to help us design your custom course.

    Cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the class date will be given an option to reschedule, use the already paid fees toward credit for other classes with us, or to a full refund minus any processing fees. We reserve the right to retain up to 50% of the course fees paid thus far for cancellations made less than 30 days prior to the class date.

    After the class some monies may either be refunded or collected based on actual attendance numbers and costs accrued for the class.

Contact us to reserve your private class!